missing verse

this is a verse that didn’t make it on the album


i feel like i died and didn’t go to heaven

i guess the funny part is that i thought i would

blinded by the lights like i’m up in hollywood

staying quiet on the low but i really think i should-

speak my mind, speak my mind, well

i look myself in the mirror and i wanna cry, i’m such a sad boy inside and i can see it in my eyes

and me and my sister fighting like every other day, that’s my biggest fear

shocked as i’m shaking their hand ‘cause i didn’t think that they were real


i’ve been trying new things and they all fail

these Ls stacking on top of me, and it’s getting kinda tricky

i finally tilted like a tower, my frustration boiled over, i didn’t know what to do

i laid in my bed all day and ignored all the words i had to say, had to say

like “you’re good enough, you’re good enough, it’s just a bad day, boy you’re good enough”

Horror Month on Stream!

Hello everyone, jmarshhh here!

Horror Month is back on stream and I have some awesomely scary games lined up for us to play this month (I do have a new stream set up so I’m hoping that my internet allows me to stream still). Below are the games I have planned to play on stream and I hope we can get through them all. Click on each game to see the trailer if you haven’t heard of them before.

I will also be giving away horror/thriller games all month long! I will announce specifics on how to win during my streams and on my Twitter page.

Layers of Fear - During my Layers of Fear streams
Detention - During my Yomawari: Night Alone streams
Little Nightmares - During my Little Nightmares streams
Friday The 13th - October 13
BioShock Remastered - October 17-20
Dead By Daylight - October 28-31