i prayed to proph to become more lyrical

high as fucking astronauts, your girl been tryna throat my cock
i wanna twist my hair but i'm not tryna grow dreadlocks
i'm tryna make her bedrock, harder than her ex man
no i'm not a mutant, but shit could get stupid
window shopping through a screen, save her
for now on when i rap imma need y'all to sign waivers
just so when you get hurt, i ain't at fault
i still have more in the vault like i have 101 spotted puppies
(wait, i still have more)
and we're living on the borderland, my dick might just fall out, when i decide to ball out
(boy, you crazy)
king james playa, i want them king james haters
irrational and irrelevant, let there be light
playing sega genesis, feeling blue, with nothing but my red sneakers on, sonic the hedgehog
i'm running across the map firing shots hoping to get first blood, tryna send them to their crypt faster
nowadays, we have a bunch of six gods trying to be gods, let them see god, imma call poseidon
disgusted face, we're the master race, you're getting plastered, wait
she has a plastered face, look how easy plaster breaks
they think they're big dogs now, moving up in the world, well let me send them to heaven