Horror Month! (May 9th-30th)

hey guys!

i'm excited to try and do my first ever "themed" month on twitch. during the month of may, i will be playing horror games on stream after 7:30pm est (because, y'know, you can't play scary games during the day). for those of you who won't be able to make the horror streams, don't worry, i will be streaming during the day still and i'll be making horror stream highlights as well. i will be coming out with a list of games that'll be playing for horror month and roughly when i will be playing them!

more below the picture
horror month.png

(no)tilt tuesdays are BACK! me and lysh will be streaming on tuesdays starting at 1pm est, playing tilting games, trying not to tilt. we will resume cuphead next tuesday.
i am also looking into doing a "trivia night" once a week on stream with my viewers. more info on this soon. let me know if you guys would be interested in it!

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thank you guys for all the love and support! you guys are awesome.
come join me on the next adventure!