here me out

hey guys

i know that, in all honesty, a lot of people don't read these posts or even visit my site but i just wanted to let everyone know where i'm at with my music.

i always say i'm going to slow down but i never do but i have been doing a lot of thinking and i need to do what i've always wanted to do. so whatever i release on may 1st will be the last of my music that i will be releasing for the foreseeable future (missingno.'s project m will still be coming, don't worry). i can only speak for myself (obviously), so no, this isn't the end of byoi or the music aspect of byoi (although i could be wrong), it's just a pause on my public personal music journey.

the purpose for everything is changing but we are forever was for me to figure myself out, and i did, but that was only the beginning.

so, thanks for any and all support that you have showed for me and my music over the past 4 years. may 1st is going to be crazy.