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After I finished recording Everything Is Changing But We Are Forever I wasn't satisfied. I put everything into the project but there was still something missing. After I finished recording Everything Is Changing in February I took a (very) small break with music. I then started working on a four song EP along with working on Project M. In April I was finishing up the four song EP when one day at work I was joking around with Ruben and Dan and Dan asked when TLOJ was coming out and that's when it all hit me. The EP was going to be called "This Is The Album" but after that conversation, "This Is The Album" evolved into a 8 song project called TLOJ22. My 22nd project. I had to reflect. 22 projects and nothing to show for it, how much longer was I going to make music for until I realized that I was only making music so that my friend's could listen to it. No one else was listening, no one else was showing support. So I decided to make a project for my friends and family. The album goes through all the ups and downs of my relationships with them but in the end, ultimately, this is all I want and all I've wanted. They are all I want and need. This is the last time that you'll hear from me for a while. This project helped me figure me out and whatever I do next will be my best work ever, I promise. My 22nd project, this is just the beginning. Finally.



Below, you can support the release of my album by donating any amount of money. The album is completely free to listen and download of course but if you would like to donate what you can, you can do so below. Thank you for your support!


I started working on Everything Is Changing But We Are Forever at the beginning of summer in 2015. Throughout that summer I was working on a bunch of side projects, experimenting with different things musically in preparation for this album. During the process of creating Everything Is Changing, I scraped a bunch of projects I was planning on doing. The album was originally supposed to have 16 songs but as time went on and I continued to grow with the project, I cut a bunch of songs off of it, shortening it to 9 songs. The songs that were cut will probably never be finished or released.

I wanted Everything Is Changing But We Are Forever to be the album for me. As an album, it helped me grow personally and musically and helped me figure out what I want from music and what I want to do with my music.

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Below you can download all of my projects that I released in 2015.
You never know when they might disappear.